Upon receiving your new wireless ADSL router from EscapeNet there are a few steps you need to follow to get connected around your office or home.

Please note: When you purchase a router from EscapeNet we will have already preconfigured the router and enabled the wireless security. By default we enable WPA-PSK security.

If however you have purchased a wireless ADSL router from a local retail store you will need to first enable wireless LAN on It and enable wireless security before proceeding. As all manufacturers are different the steps for this vary and it is encouraged that you contact your routers manufacturer if you need assistance with this step. Once it's enabled and secured we are ready to proceed.

Enable Wireless LAN On Computer

Most laptops will have a switch which allows you to turn the wireless radio off and on. Ensuring it is on is crucial to seeing the wireless networks in your area. Sometimes the switch is located on the side of your laptop, and in other instances it's a button on top of your laptop or accessed by way of a "function" key or even settings menu on the laptop. If you cannot find the switch you will need to try searching the web or contacting the manufacturer of your laptop. We're not aware of any physical radio switches on desktop computers, however management tools supplied with many wireless LAN cards have an option for radio off.

Enable Wireless LAN On Computer

This step is normally accomplished automatically after scanning the wireless network. Once you can see the wireless network in the list of available networks you need only to select it and press connect. This will normally prompt you for your security details and once typed in offer the option to save the details for future use. If you are having trouble locating the wireless networks you can refer to the documentation for your laptop for joining a wireless network or if using a 3rd party software to connect, contact the manufacturer of the device you are using for assistance.