ADSL Usage Meter


EscapeNet Online Usage Meter

EscapeNet is pleased to announce its new Usage Meter. Managing your broadband ADSL2+, ADSL and 3G Wireless usage is now easier than ever before.

We have developed this small piece of software to run on your computer and show you your current usage for your broadband plan. This usage meter will be undergoing further development as we improve its feature set. Currently it supports features like peak & off-peak data, anniversary, shaping and more. All relevant plan information is displayed in the one window and it also has support for monitoring your network traffic, showing you your current upload and download rate.

If you have any suggestions for new features to add please feel free to email them through to us.


By downloading and/or installing this software you acknowledge and agree to the fact that this is free software and as such may cause disruption to your computer or loss of information. EscapeNet assumes no responsibility or liability for such or any other event related to this software. Please read our full terms and conditions. This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.

This software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework (click to download if you do not have it already installed).

Download ADSL Usage Meter


  1. Double click the downloaded Installer
  2. Choose a location to install the program
  3. Follow the on screen instructions


Once started, navigate to EscapeNet->Usage Meter through your start menu programs and select "Configuration" to start the program.

This will open up the configuration tool, where you can select "ISP" on the left and enter your EscapeNet username and password. Click "Save" to save your changes and "Close" to validate your username and password and close the configuration tool.

Start the Usage Meter by going to the start menu programs, and selecting "Open Usage Meter" from the EscapeNet->Usage Meter folder. The usage meter will run in the system tray in the bottom right, displaying the percentage of your quota remaining. The full details will pop up when you double click on the tray icon.


To make any configuration changes, right click on the usage meter icon in the system tray and select configure.

Our Modified Source Code is available for download.