Voice over IP Telephony

Would you like to be able to make cheap telephone calls anywhere in the world? If so, then take advantage of our new VoIP telephone plans! Featuring untimed local and national calls from 10 cents, and international calls from 2.5 cents per minute.

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You can even remove the need to pay a monthly line rental to your existing telephone provider, by switching to our Naked ADSL service and bundling it with one of our VoIP packages.

You can choose to make VoIP telephone calls through your computer, or look at our VoIP Hardware to find an option for you that will let you connect your existing telephone handset into our VoIP system.

We can provide this service nationwide on any compatible broadband service.

We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions about our Voice over IP telephone services, which should address any questions you have. However, for more information please contact one of our friendly customer service officers who would only be too happy to assist.

Why choose EscapeNet VoIP?

Even if you want to keep your existing fixed line telephone, choosing an EscapeNet VoIP service is the right choice to get the best out of both worlds

  • No Shaping of VoIP traffic
  • End to End QoS
  • Fantastic Rates
  • One bill
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