Compare Broadband ADSL Types

Not sure what plan is best for you? Presented below is a summary which highlights the key differences with the different offerings. Also included with all our broadband plans are our awesome bonus features.

  ADSL1 ADSL2+ Reach24 Naked DSL NBN
Min Price $2990 $3990 $4990 $3990
Max Speed2 8Mbps
1.5Mbps / 384Kbps
24Mbps / 1Mbps
24mbps / 1Mbps
100Mbps / 40Mbps
Contract 6 / 24 months 6 / 24 months 12 months 12 / 24 months
Bundled No No No No
Phone Line Yes
We can bundle this billed from your existing carrier
We can bundle this billed from your existing carrier
No No

Things you should know

  1. Free signup offer requires an appropriate contract, and excludes postage.
  2. The speed of our Express8 is a maximum of 1.5Mbps/384kbp, Express24 and Naked ADSL services is a maximum of 24Mbps/1Mbps. The exact speed will depend on the quality of your internal wiring, distance from the exchange and other physical characteristics of the line. The minimum speed for these services is 1.5Mbps/256k.
  3. Once your data allocation has been used, your speed will be reduced to 64k/64k
  4. Please be sure to read our full terms and conditions.