Why use Internet Security

The internet is growing at a rapid pace with millions of children and teenagers surfing the web everyday. Unmonitored access to the internet can quickly undermine a parents effort to protect their children against inappropriate, harmful or overwhelming content. Intentional or accidental, children are more likely to be exposed to objectionable material than ever before.

Protect your family by using the Parental Control features which restricts offensive website content, keywords and has the ability for you to schedule internet access times.

this is what you get:

  • Complete protection against viruses and spyware
  • A firewall to prevent hacker attacks
  • Browsing protection that identifies unsafe web sites
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Blocking of spam and phishing e-mails
  • Parental control to protect your children online

Designed by experts and inspired by people, F-Secure Internet Security 2012 provides you with a total solution, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Monthly Subscription Based Service

Customers can choose from various subscription options. Subscribe on a monthly basis or for a longer time period if you prefer. The monthly subscription means there is no large up-front payment and the charges can be billed with your existing service.

EscapeNet Helpdesk Support

Free telephone and email support is available for this software. EscapeNet staff are fully trained and can assist you to configure and maintain your Internet Security Suite. Should you have any problems our friendly staff will be on hand to offer advice.

Complete Internet Security Package

The EscapeNet Security Suite offers you complete protection from the majority of internet related threats. Instead of having multiple programs and maintaining various updates, our service is fully integrated and easily manageable.

Best-Of-Breed Anti-Virus Technology

EscapeNet has chosen to partner with F-Secure to offer robust and highly reliable internet protection. F-Secure was formed in 1988 in Helsinki, Finland. F-Secure has grown to be one of the best protection software producers in the world with regional offices throughout the world. F-Secure is also acknowledged as the global leader in mobile communication protection.

A collection of Internet Security Frequently Asked Questions.