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Please note that coverage information displayed is generally correct at the time of publication however, as with any cellular network, there are places within the coverage area where a mobile phone may not work. You may not make any use of the information which is not authorised in the Notice and the Disclaimer and the copyright notice.

Things you should know

  1. This coverage map shows the extent of the network generally at the time of publication. They attempt to show the planned coverage expansion of the mobile network coverage based on the targeted rollout schedule at the time of publication. As it may be necessary to change or modify the rollout schedule, the mobile network provider reserves the right to do this without notice. However, the coverage maps indicate the approximate reach of coverage and the mobile network provider does not guarantee their accuracy. As with any cellular system, there are places inside the marked coverage areas where a mobile phone may not work due to a variety of factors. For example, reception can be degraded or nonexistent in certain places, particularly basements, lifts, underground carparks and large concrete buildings. However the mobile network provider is endeavouring to provide the best depth of radio reception practicable into such areas. Reception can also be affected by mountains, tunnels and road cuttings.
  2. Wireless Data Services may vary in speed from that stated. This could be for several reasons including, the customer equipment and its configuration, external network performance (eg the Internet), or radio network availability and signal strength. The Network may also be unavailable as a result of the Application or the customer equipment utilised. You are authorised to access, use and print the coverage maps, but you may not otherwise reproduce transmit (including broadcast), adapt, distribute, sell, modify or publish or otherwise use and of the material on this webpage, including audio and video excerpts, except as permitted by statute and under these terms or other terms governing this website.
  3. EscapeNet Pty Ltd ATF EscapeNet trust uses parts of the Telstra's 3G mobile network.
  4. For further coverage information, please contact our friendly staff on 1300 135 235.

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