Incompatible Product List

There are some services which cannot operate on the same line that carries your EscapeNet ADSL service. Some of the services listed may be resold under different product names. If you believe you have any of these services on your telephone line, contact your telecommunications provider or EscapeNet for further information.

The reasons for these incompatibilities include

  • Technical interference
  • Absence of an associated PSTN line
  • Inappropriateness of the associated PSTN line
  • Difficulties with the functionality of product software in conjunction with supply of ADSL
Generic product grouping Description
Faxstream Duet - auxiliary number Two numbers (primary and auxiliary) on one physical line. From early December 2001, ADSL was made compatible with Multiple Number and Faxstream Duet for the prime service number ONLY. ADSL remains incompatible with the auxiliary numbers of these products.
ISDN All ISDN Products eg. ISDN 2, ISDN Xpress, ISDN Home & ISDN Enhanced, D-Channel.
Analogue NT1 PSTN services provided using ISDN infrastructure with Analogue NT1
(Termination equipment).
Call Diversion Number Only Number only, no physical line.
CDMA Wireless Local Loop Service provided via CDMA technology. No physical line.
Changed Number Information Service Customer changed premises.
Communic8 Prepaid Home Pre-paid packaged product. Formerly known as HomeZip.
Customer Loop Metering Private 12KHz or 50Hz metering equipment.
CVPN Based on Siteline (30 Channel) and ISDN 2.
EasyCall+ - Multiple Number - auxiliary number Two numbers (primary and auxiliary) on one physical line.
Exchange Line Temporary Disconnection Temporary disconnect at customer request.
HyperConnect ADSL Telstra Retail ADSL service for high-speed business connection between office
LANs or telecommuting.
InContact Credit Management product.
IPSTS (Mobile) Service Service provided via Radio technology. No physical line.
IPSTS (Satellite) Auxiliary Service Service provided via Satellite technology. No physical line.
MessageBank Virtual MessageBank Away / Call Manager / Executive (No physical line required).
Payphone All Payphone Products.
Ported Local Number Number ported to another carrier.
Satellite Services All satellite products. No physical line.
Siteline 30 channel transmission products.
Spectrum Sharing Service Telstra Wholesale shared spectrum service provided on a compatible physical line.
Third party provides the ADSL service on a Telstra working telephone service.
Telstra Internet Direct Dedicated permanent connection to Telstra's Internet backbone network.

Information correct as at 30 November 2007.