3g/hsdpa Mobile Broadband Features

3G Wireless Internet Broadband Adapter - Huawei E160E

EscapeNet's mobile broadband product is a great compliment to our fixed line broadband service. We've got you covered, with our service now reaching 97% of the Australian population.

Wireless HSDPA technology has progressed greatly in the last couple of years and is now capable of speeds similar to your more traditional ADSL services and is generally available wherever you get a decent mobile signal.

What is HSDPA/3G Wireless?

Our innovative wireless 3G/HSDPA service provides broadband internet access by utilising the existing mobile network infrastructure that your "normal" mobile phone works on.

3G stands for third generation of mobile technology, culminating in High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) speeds of 3.6Mbit/s, and upto 7.2Mbit/s in some areas today. Future developments with HSDPA+ will bring speeds of up to 42Mbit/s and beyond.

As with many broadband access technologies the speeds quoted are the maximum speeds attainable which may only be obtained under ideal conditions. Coverage is a primary factor; however signal strength, distance to the tower and computer configuration may also affect the speed obtained.


Customers using our 3G wireless service have access to our cool bonus features.

In the coming months we will have a phone app which will provide up-to-date usage information for your connection.

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